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The 37th Annual Lisagor Awards


N5. Best News Column or Commentary



Don DeBat, Columnist


Don DeBat worked with Peter Lisagor at the Chicago Daily News from 1968 to 1976 and remembers him as one of the nation’s most respected journalists while he covered the White House.


DeBat, who worked as a business writer and copy editor at the Daily News and was the newspaper’s real estate editor when it folded in 1978, always had a keen interest in Chicago’s urban landmarks.


Later, DeBat served as real estate editor, columnist and assistant managing editor of the Chicago Sun-Times, and wrote many stories about Chicago’s rapidly changing skyline.Today, DeBat heads a media consulting firm, but still writes “The Home Front,” a weekly column that comments on the Windy City’s shifting urban tapestry for Inside Publications, a chain of lakefront Chicago neighborhood newspapers.


Respectfully, DeBat submits three 2013 columns that touch on the redevelopment of Lake Shore Drive, the future of Wrigley Field, and preservation the famed Billy Goat Tavern as a journalistic landmark.

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